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Abigail (2024) - Bitingly Fun: A New Twist on Vampire Lore

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars)

Released 04-19-2024

Watched 04-20-2024

Reviewed 04-23-2024

Watched in the theater Using Cinemark Movie Club

"I'm sorry about what's gonna happen to you."

"Abigail," directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, is a contemporary take on the vampire genre that cleverly blends horror and comedy, reimagining the 1936 classic "Dracula's Daughter." With a screenplay by Stephen Shields and Guy Busick, the film not only pays homage to its Universal Classic Monsters roots but also infuses fresh, modern twists into its narrative.

Set against the backdrop of a high-stakes kidnapping in a secluded mansion, the plot revolves around Abigail (Alisha Weir), the vampire daughter of a notorious crimelord, and her unexpected interaction with a group of criminals, each with their own dark past. The ensemble cast, including Melissa Barrera, Dan Stevens, Kathryn Newton, and a memorable final performance by Angus Cloud, deliver compelling performances that anchor the film's blend of tension and dark humor.

Weir, in particular, is remarkable as Abigail, bringing a nuanced vulnerability to a role that demands both ferocity and fragility. Her chemistry with Barrera, who plays the former Army medic and recovering drug addict Joey, is one of the film's highlights, providing emotional depth amidst the chaotic horror.

The directors' use of classic horror elements like the secluded mansion setting and the transformation sequences, combined with contemporary cinematography, creates a visually engaging experience.

"Abigail" triumphs in reimagining a classic tale with a modern twist, making it a worthwhile watch for both horror enthusiasts and casual viewers. The film doesn't entirely escape some genre clichés, but its innovative take on vampire mythology and strong character dynamics earn it a solid 4 stars. It's a film that’s equally effective in theaters for its visual and auditory prowess as it is on streaming platforms for a thrilling night in.


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