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Alice Darling - An Unfortunate Letdown Despite Kendrick's Efforts

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5 Stars)

Released 01-20-2023

Watched 04-27-2023

Reviewed 04-28-2023

"I know this sounds crazy, but sometimes it feels like he can read my mind, and there's nowhere left that I can actually be alone."

As an avid movie-goer and a long-time fan of Anna Kendrick, I couldn't wait to see her latest film, Alice Darling. Kendrick has always been one of my favorite actresses, and her performances have consistently captivated and impressed me. Unfortunately, despite her undeniable talent, even Kendrick's dedicated performance could not save this film's poorly executed-plot and script.

Alice Darling tells the story of a young woman struggling in an abusive relationship with an overbearing boyfriend. This struggle puts a strain on her long-term friendship with her best girlfriends, who ultimately stage an intervention on her behalf. While Kendrick's portrayal of Alice is heartfelt and nuanced, the poorly written script and disjointed story prevent her from truly shining in this role. It's a real shame because she has proven time and time again that she can carry a film with her magnetic screen presence.

The plot of Alice Darling is riddled with cliches, predictable twists, and some odd side story of a missing girl, making it difficult for the audience to become invested in the characters or their storylines. The script, meanwhile, is full of stilted dialogue and odd humor that often feels out of place, detracting from the film's overall impact.

The supporting cast, though talented in their own right, are also unable to elevate the weak material they're given. As a result, the entire film suffers from a lack of depth and emotional resonance that could have made it a truly memorable experience.

It genuinely pains me to write a negative review for a film featuring Anna Kendrick, as she has consistently delivered exceptional performances throughout her career. However, Alice Darling is a prime example of how even the most talented actors can't salvage a weak script and poorly executed story. It's a disappointing letdown that I cannot recommend, even to the most ardent fans of Kendrick's work.

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