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Beast - Disappointing 'Beast' Falls Prey to Predictability

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Released 08-19-22

Watched 04-01-23

Reviewed 04-17-23

Viewed on Prime Video

"It’s the law of the jungle. It’s the only law that matters."

As a fan of both survival and wildlife-based films, I approached "Beast" (2022) with a fair amount of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the movie failed to live up to the hype, offering a lackluster and predictable experience that left me feeling underwhelmed.

The premise of "Beast" centers around a father (Idris Elba) and his two teenage daughters, who find themselves hunted by a rogue lion determined to prove its dominance as the Savanna's apex predator. While this concept has the potential to be engaging, the film falls flat due to its formulaic approach and underdeveloped characters.

To begin with, the characters lack depth, making it difficult for the audience to connect with them on an emotional level. The relationship between the father and his daughters feels forced and strained, resulting in a lack of genuine concern for their plight. Furthermore, the dialogue is often trite, with some lines bordering on cringe-worthy.

The movie's predictability is another significant issue. From the outset, it's clear which characters are likely to survive and which will fall victim to the lion. This sense of inevitability detracts from the suspense and makes the story feel stagnant. The lion, intended to be the main antagonist, is menacing; however, the CGI effects fail to capture the animal's power and ferocity convincingly.

The climax, though somewhat thrilling, is unable to salvage the overall experience. Additionally, the film's attempt to convey an environmental message is poorly executed and feels tacked on rather than integral to the story.

On a positive note, the cinematography is impressive, with stunning aerial shots of the Savanna landscape. However, these visuals alone are not enough to save the movie from its many shortcomings.

In conclusion, "Beast" (2022) is a disappointing and forgettable film that squanders a potentially interesting premise. With lackluster character development and predictable plotlines, this movie is best left for those seeking a predictable thriller with little substance.

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