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Dual - Two Missed Opportunities

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2 out of 5 Stars)

Released 05-20-2022

Watched 05-12-2023

Reviewed 05-18-2023

Watched on Amazon Prime Video

"Remind me. Are you the original

or the double?"

Dual, released in 2022, was a movie that unfortunately left a lot to be desired. With a star-studded cast, including the talented Karen Gillan, Beulah Koale, Theo James, and Aaron Paul, it held a lot of promise. However, despite the fascinating premise of a woman forced to fight her own clone after a miraculous recovery from a terminal illness, the execution fell disappointingly short.

The pacing of the narrative was one of the major flaws in this film. An inordinate amount of time is devoted to setting up the plot, leaving the audience impatiently waiting for the main action to kick off. Despite the intriguing prospect of an internal conflict brought to life literally, the build-up lacks substance and fails to deliver the necessary depth to make the story truly compelling.

Both versions of Sarah, portrayed by Karen Gillan, are underdeveloped characters, causing the emotional connection to be notably weak. The film does not effectively explore the psychological depth and potential turmoil that could arise from such a unique situation. This unfortunate oversight left a profound disconnect between the audience and the two Sarahs. In a narrative like this, viewers should feel torn between the original and the clone, yet it's hard to feel invested in either.

Rather than providing the expected catharsis, the film's climax feels abruptly rushed and too harsh. As such, it undermines the dramatic tension that was painstakingly built (albeit slowly) in the earlier parts of the film. The stark contrast between the lengthy setup and the sudden ending makes for an unsettling viewing experience.

Lastly, the absence of an epilogue is another issue in Dual. The viewers are left with a jarring ending without any resolution or wrap-up to the characters' arcs. An epilogue could have allowed for some form of closure or an opportunity for reflection.

Despite its potential, Dual ultimately feels like a missed opportunity. It does have its moments, notably the performances of the lead actors and some intriguing concepts. However, these alone aren't enough to make up for the movie's flawed pacing, lack of character development, and abrupt ending. One can only hope that these critiques are taken into account in future endeavors of a similar vein.

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