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Ghosted – A Delightful Blend of Romance and Espionage

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5 stars)

Released 04-21-2023

Watched 04-23-2023

Reviewed 04-27-2023

Viewed on Apple +

"Alright, you know what? Hey, want a plant? Here. Cactus. Requires the bare minimum love a human can give. So you’ll totally kill it."

"Ghosted," the latest Apple TV+ original movie, takes viewers on an exhilarating ride of unexpected twists, heart-pounding action, and romance. Starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, this film is a delightful blend of genres, providing an entertaining watch that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Evans and de Armas share a magnetic on-screen chemistry as Cole and Sadie, two seemingly ordinary people who meet at a Washington, D.C. farmers' market. Their whirlwind romance takes them across the globe, from London to Pakistan, as Cole unwittingly becomes involved in Sadie's dangerous world of international espionage. The film seamlessly weaves between tender moments of romance and adrenaline-fueled action sequences, keeping viewers engaged throughout.

The plot is filled with unexpected twists, as the audience is led to believe that Sadie is merely "ghosting" Cole after their one-night stand, only to find out that she is, in fact, the legendary CIA operative known as "the Taxman." The film's intrigue deepens with the introduction of a stolen bio-weapon, which propels Cole and Sadie into a high-stakes adventure to save the world from a deadly threat.

The chemistry between Evans and de Armas is undeniable, and their performances as two people trying to navigate the complexities of their feelings amidst life-threatening situations are impressive. The supporting cast, including the enigmatic Marco (Sadie's old contact and former lover), and the villainous Leveque, add depth to the story and keep the audience invested in the outcome.

One minor downside of "Ghosted" is its predictability, as the story follows a well-worn path of romantic thrillers. However, the film's exceptional performances, charming chemistry between the leads, and engaging action scenes more than compensate for any familiarity in the plot.

Overall, "Ghosted" is an enjoyable and entertaining watch that successfully combines romance, humor, and action into one thrilling package. With its captivating performances by Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, it is a must-see film for fans of the genre.


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