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Girl, (2020) - Hatchet Havoc: Unveiling Small Town Secrets

Rating: ★★★☆☆(3/5 Stars)

Released 11-20-2020

Watched 04-07-2024

Reviewed 04-17-2024

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"When I was fourteen, I got into trouble for seducing all my female teachers. Got sent to the principal's office, and the principal was a foxy female on the brink of menopause. Nine months later, we had a beautiful baby girl."

"Girl" (2020), a thriller film written and directed by Chad Faust, delivers a tumultuous journey through a small-town setting, led by Bella Thorne's intense portrayal of the titular character. The story unfolds with Girl returning to her hometown with the chilling intention of murdering her abusive father, only to find him already dead upon her arrival.

Thorne's performance as Girl is undeniably the highlight of the film. She skillfully navigates the complexities of her character, capturing the essence of a young woman burdened by trauma and seeking retribution. Alongside her, Mickey Rourke delivers a noteworthy performance as the town's sheriff, adding depth to the narrative with his enigmatic presence.

Despite the strong performances from Thorne and Rourke, "Girl" struggles to distinguish itself from other revenge thrillers. The plot unfolds in a somewhat predictable manner, with twists and turns that fail to leave a lasting impact. While the film's premise holds promise, its execution falls short, resulting in a narrative that feels disjointed and lacking in depth.

Additionally, the supporting cast, including Chad Faust and Elizabeth Saunders, delivers adequate performances but fails to elevate the overall storytelling. Character development remains superficial, leaving viewers with little investment in the fate of secondary characters.

One notable aspect of the film is its atmospheric cinematography, capturing the eerie essence of the small town and adding to the overall tension. The setting serves as a fitting backdrop for Girl's journey of self-discovery and revenge, heightening the stakes as she confronts her past.

In the end, "Girl" offers a compelling yet flawed exploration of trauma and revenge. While Thorne and Rourke deliver commendable performances, the film's predictable plot and lackluster execution ultimately detract from its impact. Despite its shortcomings, "Girl" may still appeal to fans of the genre, offering moments of suspense and intrigue along the way.


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