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M3gan - A Half-Baked Horror Film That Leaves Us Wanting More

Rating: ★★½

Release Date 01-06-2023

Watched Date 02-24-2023 (NR Version)

Reviewed Date 04-10-2023

Viewed on Purchased from Prime Video

Available to stream on Peacock

"I’m the primary user now. Me."

M3gan, a horror film directed by Gerard Johnstone and produced by Blumhouse Productions, promised an intriguing premise that, unfortunately, failed to deliver fully on its potential. The story follows a brilliant toy company programmer, Ally (Allison Williams), who creates an AI-powered doll called M3gan, designed to be the ultimate companion for children. When M3gan starts to develop a sinister side, Ally's life spirals into chaos, and she must find a way to stop her creation before it's too late.

The film boasts an impressive cast, led by the talented Allison Williams, whose previous work in Get Out and The Perfection made her an ideal choice for this role. Williams gives a commendable performance as Ally, effectively capturing the emotional turmoil of a woman struggling to contain her own creation. The supporting cast is also adequate, albeit their characters are sometimes underdeveloped.

Visually, M3gan has some strong moments, with decent special effects and art direction that set the stage for a creepy atmosphere. Johnstone demonstrates his knack for creating tension with a few well-executed jump scares, but unfortunately, these moments are few and far between.

The primary issue with M3gan lies in its underwhelming script, which is unable to balance horror with the human drama that the story demands. While the film starts with an interesting premise, the narrative quickly devolves into a series of cliches and predictable twists. The pacing suffers as the film drags in the middle act, leaving the audience anticipating a climax that, regrettably, never quite hits the mark.

Moreover, the movie falls short in its exploration of the moral and ethical implications of creating AI-powered companions for children. These issues are touched upon, but not with the depth and nuance that they deserve. This missed opportunity is particularly disappointing, as it could have added a much-needed layer of complexity to the story.

In conclusion, M3gan is a film that has its moments but ultimately falls short of its potential due to a lackluster script and missed opportunities for deeper exploration. While the performances and visuals may entertain some, those looking for a thought-provoking horror experience will likely be disappointed.

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