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No Hard Feelings (2023) - Awkward Encounters and Amusing Antics

Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3/5 stars)

Released 06-23-2023

Watched 12-02-2023

Reviewed 12-04-2023

Watched on NetFlix

"So when you say “date him”, do you mean “date him”, or “date him”?"

"No Hard Feelings," released in 2023, is a light-hearted comedy that navigates through an unusual yet intriguing premise. Jennifer Lawrence stars as Maddie, a character on the verge of losing her childhood home, who finds herself in a peculiar arrangement. Maddie agrees to "date" a wealthy couple's socially awkward 19-year-old son, Percy, portrayed by Andrew Barth Feldman, in exchange for a much-needed car. This plot, inspired by a real Craigslist ad, offers a blend of humor and desperation.

Jennifer Lawrence's performance is commendable, especially considering her commitment to the role, which is evident in her decision to perform all her nude scenes without a body double. Meanwhile, Andrew Barth Feldman brings a unique charm to his character, Percy, who is slated to attend Princeton, mirroring Feldman's own academic deferment from Harvard for this film.

The movie's strength lies in its straightforward narrative and easy-to-watch nature, making it a decent choice for a relaxed movie night. However, this simplicity also becomes its weakness. The plot is predictable, and while it offers a few laughs, it doesn't venture beyond the surface of its comedic elements. There are no groundbreaking twists or profound insights, which might leave some viewers wanting more depth or complexity.

In summary, "No Hard Feelings" is an enjoyable film with solid performances from Lawrence and Feldman, but it doesn't push any boundaries in terms of storytelling. It's a pleasant watch but lacks the elements that would make it a memorable addition to the genre.


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