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Ordinary Angels (2024) - A Community's Warm Embrace.

Rating: ★★★★½(4.5/5 stars)

Released 02-23-2024

Watched 02-24-2024

Reviewed 02-28-2024

Watched in the theater Using Cinemark Movie Club 

"You’re going to have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Because this ain’t about you; it’s about your little girl."

"Ordinary Angels" is a cinematic gem that truly deserves its accolades. Anchored by the stellar performances of Hilary Swank, Alan Ritchson, Nancy Travis, and Tamala Jones, the film tells the poignant story of a spirited hairdresser from Louisville, Kentucky, whose life gains a renewed sense of purpose when she crosses paths with a widowed father striving to care for his two daughters and amidst the chaos of a major snowstorm from the 1994 North American cold wave, get his youngest daughter to emergency surgery needed to save her life.

The narrative, inspired by a heart-rending true story, delicately weaves the themes of community, resilience, and the sheer power of collective human spirit. Swank, embodying the role of the determined hairdresser, delivers a performance that resonates with authenticity and compassion, capturing the essence of a woman who becomes the beacon of hope for a family in dire straits. Ritchson, as the widowed father, complements Swank's dynamism with a portrayal that is both vulnerable and stoic, offering a glimpse into the struggles of single parenthood, the loss of a spouse, and the relentless fight for a child's life.

While "Ordinary Angels" shines brightly as a beacon of hope and human kindness, it is not without its subtleties. The film's faith-based elements, although true to the story's fabric, are presented with a prominence that might not resonate with all viewers. This overt religious undertone, while not detracting from the film's core message and emotional depth, is a noticeable addition to the true story it seeks to honor.

In conclusion, "Ordinary Angels" is a beautifully crafted film that not only entertains but also inspires. It serves as a testament to the extraordinary feats ordinary people can achieve when driven by love, compassion, and a sense of community. Despite the slightly pronounced religious component, the movie remains a compelling narrative that captures the essence of human kindness and the indomitable spirit of a community in the face of adversity. A solid 4.5-star rating is a fitting tribute to this cinematic portrayal of real-life angels among us.


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