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Plane - A Turbulent Flight of Survival and Suspense

Rating: ★★★☆☆(3/5 Stars)

Released 01-13-2023

Watched 04-28-2023

Reviewed 05-01-2023

"If you have New Year's Eve Plans, I just canceled them."

"Plane," directed by Jean-François Richet, takes us on a high-stakes, adrenaline-pumping journey as pilot Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler) faces a series of life-or-death challenges to save his passengers. The film, released on January 13, 2023, boasts an impressive cast and a thrilling plot. However, it struggles to fully capitalize on its potential, resulting in a mixed experience.

The premise of "Plane" is certainly engaging. After narrowly surviving a lightning strike, the passengers onboard the ill-fated flight find themselves stranded on a war-torn island, where they're taken hostage by dangerous rebels. Torrance must rely on the help of Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter), an accused murderer under FBI custody, to outsmart their captors and escape the island.

Butler and Colter deliver solid performances, sharing a tense chemistry that keeps the audience guessing their characters' true intentions. Butler, as Torrance, showcases his trademark intensity and determination, while Colter's portrayal of Gaspare is intriguingly layered, leaving viewers questioning whether he is an ally or a foe.

The film's cinematography, by Brendan Galvin, captures the chaotic and tense atmosphere of the island. The lush, unforgiving landscape serves as a stark contrast to the high-flying action that takes place within the aircraft. The film's $25 million budget is used to craft visually stunning and gripping action sequences.

Unfortunately, "Plane" suffers from a lack of originality, and it leans heavily on well-worn tropes. The story, while thrilling, is reminiscent of countless other hostage and survival movies, with few surprises along the way. The rebels, in particular, come across as one-dimensional and lack real depth, mainly serving as a plot device to fuel the conflict between Torrance and Gaspare.

Additionally, the film's pacing is inconsistent. Moments of gripping tension are sometimes bogged down by unnecessary subplots and character interactions that don't contribute meaningfully to the overall story. The movie could have benefited from tighter editing, which would have helped maintain a consistent sense of urgency and suspense.

In conclusion, "Plane" is a moderately entertaining survival thriller that features strong performances from Gerard Butler and Mike Colter. However, it is held back by its lack of originality and inconsistent pacing. Distributed by Lionsgate Films, the film is an enjoyable, if somewhat familiar, ride for fans of the genre.

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