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Silent Night (2023) - Silent Disappointment: A Muted Quest for Vengeance.

Rating: ★1/2☆☆☆(1.5/5 stars)

Released 12-01-2023

Watched 12-03-2023

Reviewed 12-04-2023

Viewed in Theater - Using Cinemark Movie Club

"Silent Night" (2023), a John Woo-directed film, disappoints profoundly, meriting a mere 1.5-star rating. Despite an intriguing premise set on Christmas Eve, where a father witnesses the tragic death of his son caught in gang crossfire, the movie falls short of delivering a compelling narrative. The protagonist's quest for revenge, hindered by a wound that renders him voiceless, lacks depth and believability.

The film's opening drags on, failing to engage the audience. This sluggish start is further marred by a plot that stretches credibility. Critical aspects of the main character's life remain unexplored, leaving viewers questioning his background and motivations. Where does his money come from? What was his occupation before the tragic event? These unanswered questions create a disconnect, making it hard to empathize with his journey.

Moreover, the protagonist's decision-making is questionable. His pursuit of vengeance over accompanying his son to the hospital is perplexing and undermines the emotional gravity of the story. The timeline is also confusing; a year-long preparation for revenge between 2021 and Christmas 2022 doesn't align with the film's 2023 release, leaving a gap in the narrative.

The action sequences, typically a stronghold in John Woo's films, are underwhelming here. Rated at a mediocre 3, they fail to uplift the movie's overall quality. The lack of dialog could have been an innovative approach, but it instead contributes to the film's soulless feel.

In conclusion, "Silent Night" is a lackluster entry in the revenge genre. Its slow start, unbelievable plot, and underdeveloped characters make it a movie not worth the time, whether in theaters or at home. With a plethora of superior revenge movies available, this one is best skipped.

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