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Strays - Loyalty, Laughs, and a Whole Lot of Lowbrow.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3/5 stars)

Released 08-18-2023

Watched 08-20-2023

Reviewed 08-21-2023

Viewed in Theater - Using Cinemark Movie Club

🚨 Warning: This is not a kids' movie. Or a Kids' Review.🚨

"That is the craziest thing I have ever seen. And I'm Dennis Quaid and Dennis Quaid has seen some sh*t."

In the crowded world of comedy films, "Strays" makes an entrance with a plot that blends drama, revenge, and a lot of crude humor, telling a tale of street-smart canines navigating the unforgiving world of city streets. With powerhouse comedians Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx at its helm, it promises laughs, adventures, and a sprinkle of emotion.

Will Ferrell, with his renowned comedic style, breathes life into Reggie, a simple, naive dog betrayed and left to fend for himself. While his transition from a carefree house pet to a street-savvy canine is both touching and entertaining, it is Jamie Foxx's portrayal of Bug that steals the show. With his razor-sharp wit and characteristic no-nonsense attitude, Bug acts as the guiding light (or perhaps the mischievous instigator) for Reggie's quest for vengeance.

However, the comedy in "Strays" isn't for everyone. It treads a fine line between hilarious and cringe-worthy. The film seems to have a love affair with lowbrow humor, evidenced by its frequent use of pee, poop, and, yes, dog-related sex. These jokes, while they might evoke loud guffaws from a certain demographic, can become grating and, for some, might eclipse the film's more genuine moments.

But it isn't all about crude jokes. At its heart, "Strays" delves into themes of loyalty, abandonment, and the lengths one would go for retribution. It beautifully captures the essence of unlikely friendships, the kind that only hardship and shared goals can forge. The contrast between Reggie's innocence and the harsh reality of the streets often leads to both comedic and heartwarming scenarios.

The film also benefits from a well-chosen supporting cast, whose individual stories and quirks add depth and layers to the narrative. The bustling city backdrop serves as the perfect playground, with its vibrant locales and characters, for Reggie and his gang to explore.

In conclusion, if you're a fan of slapstick and aren't easily offended, "Strays" offers a roller-coaster of emotions, topped with a generous helping of crude jokes. But if you prefer comedies with a more refined touch, you might find some parts of this canine caper a bit hard to stomach.


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