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Supercell (2023): A Chaotic Storm That Never Delivers

Rating: ★★

Released 3-17-2023 Watched 3-29-2023 Reviewed 4-5-2023

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"Never get caught in the bear's cave."

Supercell 2023 Movie Poster

With all the storms in the US right now, I'm not sure that anyone under storm warnings will be interested in watching this disaster.

Supercell, directed by Herbert James Winterstern, brings together a promising cast, including Skeet Ulrich as Roy, Anne Heche as Quinn, Daniel Diemer as William, Jordan Kristine Seamón as Harper, and Alec Baldwin as Zane. Released to streaming services the same day as in theaters, the film was expected to be a thrilling storm-chaser adventure. However, despite the excitement surrounding its release, particularly after the unfortunate passing of Anne Heche, Supercell ultimately fails to live up to its potential.

The plot follows a group of storm chasers led by Roy (Ulrich) and Quinn (Heche), who are joined by the young and ambitious William (Diemer) and Harper (Seamón). Together, they must navigate the dangers of an unprecedented supercell storm while being pursued by the unscrupulous Zane (Baldwin), a rival storm chaser with ulterior motives.

Although the film's premise offers an opportunity for gripping, high-octane action, the execution falls flat. The pacing feels disjointed, with some scenes dragging on for too long while others are cut short, leaving the audience feeling unfulfilled. Additionally, the CGI employed to create the storm sequences feels outdated and unconvincing, detracting from the overall immersion.

The performances are a mixed bag. Skeet Ulrich and Anne Heche deliver competent portrayals of their respective characters, though their chemistry feels forced at times. Daniel Diemer and Jordan Kristine Seamón show potential, but their characters are underdeveloped, leaving viewers with little emotional investment in their storylines. Alec Baldwin's Zane is one-dimensional and ultimately forgettable, lacking the depth or nuance needed to create a compelling antagonist.

It's a shame that one of Anne Heche's final film roles wasn't in a more memorable project. Although the movie had the potential to be an adrenaline-fueled adventure, it ultimately devolves into a predictable, clichéd disaster flick that fails to engage the audience or do justice to its talented cast. Supercell might be worth a watch for die-hard fans of the genre or the actors involved, but general audiences would be better served seeking out a more engaging and well-executed film.

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