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The Meg - A Shallow Dive into Shark Territory

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5 Stars)

Released 08-10-2018

Watched 07-30-2023

Reviewed 08-04-2023

"This wasn't part of the job description. None of this was part of the job description! They left that part out!"

"The Meg," directed by Jon Turteltaub, promised a thrilling ride into the ocean's depths to pit man against a colossal prehistoric shark, the Megalodon. Despite the promising premise and the star power of Jason Statham, the film fails to make a significant impact.

The storyline is formulaic and predictable, offering little in the way of innovation or compelling character development. Though it attempts to blend elements of suspense, horror, and action, it never quite finds the right balance, resulting in a lackluster experience that often falls flat.

Jason Statham does what he can with the material, but his charismatic performance isn't enough to carry a film burdened by a derivative script and underdeveloped supporting characters.

The film does have its moments, with a few genuinely suspenseful sequences that will please fans of shark-infested thrillers. However, these moments are too few and far between, and an overall lack of tension and emotional engagement undermines them.

In the end, "The Meg" feels like a missed opportunity to bring something fresh to the well-trodden shark genre. It's a film that will likely entertain casual viewers looking for mindless fun but will disappoint genre enthusiasts and those seeking more substance. If you're a fan of shark movies, you may find some enjoyment here, but temper your expectations and be prepared for a largely forgettable cinematic experience.


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