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The Super Mario Bros. Movie - A Delightful Blast from the Past.

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5 stars)

Released 04-05-2023

Watched 04-09-2023

Reviewed 04-09-2023

Viewed in Theater - Using Cinemark Movie Club

"In an insane world, it is the sane that are called crazy."

As a long-time fan of the Super Mario franchise, I entered the theater with both excitement and trepidation, wondering how well the iconic characters and rich lore would translate to the big screen. I am happy to report that The Super Mario Brothers Movie exceeded my expectations, delighting both new and old fans with a charming, visually stunning adventure.

The film is set in the Mushroom Kingdom, a world that many of us have cherished throughout the years. The movie remains faithful to its source material, with Mario and Luigi embarking on a quest to save Princess Peach from the villainous Bowser. The screenwriters did an admirable job of incorporating the game's elements while weaving a cohesive narrative that was engaging and entertaining.

The casting choices are interesting, with Chris Pratt bringing a charming energy to the role of Mario but with a voice at times that doesn't seem fitting of an Italian plumber, while Charlie Day's portrayal of Luigi showcases the character's endearing quirks and insecurities. Their brotherly dynamic is both heartwarming and hilarious, providing much of the film's comic relief. Anya Taylor-Joy is a strong and determined Princess Peach, and Jack Black's take on Bowser is delightfully menacing, adding depth to the iconic villain (and who doesn't love a singing Bowser?).

Visually, the movie is a feast for the eyes. The vibrant colors and intricate designs of the Mushroom Kingdom are beautifully rendered, bringing the world of the video game alive in all its glory. Familiar landscapes and enemies from the games make appearances, which will no doubt please fans looking for nostalgia.

One of the movie's strongest aspects is its humor. The chemistry between Pratt and Day is a major highlight, as they portray Mario and Luigi with an endearing blend of wit, camaraderie, and brotherly love. The inclusion of beloved side characters like Yoshi and Toad also adds to the film's charm and provides plenty of opportunities for light-hearted laughs. The film's soundtrack is another standout feature, incorporating memorable tunes from the game series while also introducing original compositions that perfectly complement the on-screen action.

In conclusion, The Super Mario Brothers Movie is a delightful, nostalgia-filled adventure that will resonate with fans of the franchise and entertain those new to the world of Mario and Luigi. With a talented cast, impressive visuals, and a captivating storyline, it's a must-see for anyone who appreciates a fun, action-packed journey.


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