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2023 By the Numbers - A Cinematic Journey at 101 Movies a Year

As we bid farewell to our first remarkable year at 101 Movies a Year, it's time to dive into the fascinating world of numbers that defined our cinematic journey in 2023. This year has been a rollercoaster of genres, emotions, and groundbreaking storytelling, offering a feast for movie enthusiasts. Let's break down the year "2023 by the Numbers" to understand how our movie experiences stacked up.

Number of Movies Seen in the Theater: 36

Our journey took us to the heart of cinema - the theaters - 36 times this year. Each visit was a unique experience, immersing us in the magic of the big screen. From the hush of anticipation before the opening credits to the shared reactions with fellow movie-goers, these 36 outings reminded us why movie theaters remain the soul of film watching.

Total Number of Movies Reviewed: 130

Our commitment to providing insightful and honest reviews led us to review 130 movies in 2023. These reviews ranged from blockbuster hits to indie gems, covering a wide spectrum of genres and styles. Our goal was always to bring a diverse range of movies to your attention, and with 130 reviews, we hope we kept your watchlists full and exciting.

Total Number of Movies Watched But Not Reviewed: 43

In our quest to bring you the best content, we watched 43 movies that, for various reasons, didn't make it to our review section. Whether it was due to time constraints or the movie not aligning with our review criteria, these films still contributed to our broader understanding of the cinematic landscape in 2023.

Total Number of Unique Movies Watched: 173

Combining the movies seen in theaters, reviewed, and watched but not reviewed, we experienced a grand total of 173 unique movies. This number is a testament to our relentless pursuit of cinematic experiences. From mainstream to obscure, each movie added a unique flavor to our year in film.

Number of 5-Star Movies Reviewed: 12

Out of the 130 movies reviewed, 12 stood out with a perfect 5-star rating. These movies surpassed our expectations, delivering exceptional storytelling, acting, direction, and technical prowess. They represent the best of what cinema had to offer in 2023, and we're proud to have shared these masterpieces with you.

As we wrap up "2023 by the Numbers," we at 101 Movies a Year are filled with gratitude for the stories that captivated us, the filmmakers who inspired us, and, most importantly, you, our readers, who joined us on this cinematic journey. Here's to another year of great movies, insightful reviews, and shared passions. Happy watching!

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